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Hurricane Alex

This storm's reach spanned over 400 miles. Amazing!

Wow. Hurricane Alex made landfall approximately 450 miles from Houston yet it has rained buckets here all day. Flood watches have been enacted along the coastal lines. I’m so glad my little car made it through the high water on the way home from work. As frustrating as all the localized flooding has been, it pales in comparison to the damage in northern Mexico as two people are now confirmed dead with some reports indicating the death toll may reach five. My prayers and thoughts are with their loved ones.

As a survivor of Hurricanes Alicia and Ike and seeing the utter devastation of Hurricane Katrina, I can tell you these are not just bad thunderstorms. Living through the howling winds and torrential rainfall is hard enough, but living in their aftermaths is equally tough. No electricity for days, no food, no gas, waiting in long lines for bags of ice to salvage your perishable items, malfunctioning street lights – it definitely tests your character, patience and endurance.