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Is This Behavior Befitting Elected Officials?


I’ve never hidden the fact that I am a supporter of President Barack Obama. I like his vision for the country and his ability to stay focused on his goals in spite of heavy, soul-wrenching opposition. Whatever your take on the president, you have to admit no other Commander-In-Chief has faced such an uphill battle with regards to his birthplace (yes, Hawaii is a vacation spot AND a US state), respect (what other president has had a member of Congress call him a liar during a State of the Union address?) and roadblocks when it comes to his vision for America (only doctors, independently wealthy and relatively healthy individuals could view universal healthcare as an affront to personal liberties.)

With that said, I am more than disappointed in Obama’s and Speaker of the House John Boehner’s inability to compromise on a resolution for America’s debit-ceiling crisis. These are intelligent men that are coming across as both stubborn and arrogant. It’s very easy to cross your arms and draw a line in the sand on the “principle” of this issue if you are a millionaire. A government shutdown is not going to adversely affect them on a personal level. Their children will still attend private schools. Their mortgages will be paid. They will not have to choose between paying a bill, buying groceries are refilling their maintenance medications. However, the vast majority of their constituents are not as privileged.

This is not a game; this is life. In a culture where workers are expected to do the jobs they are hired to do, it is sad to see these two engage in such childish antics as walking away from negotiations then holding press conferences to try to outdo the other. Shameful.

My message to Obama, Boehner and all the members of Congress and the Senate: Please grow up. Buckle down and do what is best for all Americans instead of pandering to people who would least be affected by a government shutdown. Enough is enough. Elections are right around the corner. If you can’t do it, I will make sure to vote for someone who can.

No Release of Bin Laden Death Photos – Good Decision

So, President Obama has decided not to release Osama Bin Laden’s death photos even after there has been a public and media outcry for proof. By all professional accounts, the type of wounds inflicted upon Bin Laden would make viewing his corpse disturbing, to say the least. Most reports advise the photos would be downright gruesome. For that reason, I support the President’s decision.

What public good could come from releasing the photos? This operation was not a Hollywood production. The body is not going to be in the pristine condition we have been conditioned to seeing from the entertainment industry’s depiction of war. The blood in the pictures is real. The trauma to the body is real and far more graphic than any Hollywood make-up artist could imagine. Are these images we want children to see? Even if media and Internet outlets warn of their graphic nature prior to showing, how many kids would turn away or resist the urge to click on the link? How many adults would? After viewing the photos and being left with their lasting images, then what? Would 9/11 never have happened? Will the countless lives lost suddenly be erased? Or, would it simply enflame the already heightened tensions between the United States and al-Qaida? Would it provide more fuel to their dogma, increase enrollment in their training camps, and provide even more inspiration for them to destroy America and everything for which she stands. The purpose of capturing Bin Laden was to make the world a safer place, not more dangerous. I think the images of us celebrating his death in the streets is enough; there is no need to release his death photos.

Conspiracy theorists will continue to doubt the government and the President. They have already proven this by their insistence for the release of the long form of his birth certificate then doubting its authenticity once he relented to their demands. If the Bin Laden photos were released, I’m sure they would then insist they were doctored, pointing to absurd notions like the way the blood pooled on the carpets to bed sheet wrinkles. Note: You do know that there are those who insist 9/11 was a government ruse even though there was live coverage of the event. Guess what, THEY insist the photos of the planes making impact upon the Twin Towers are doctored.

There is no way to please everyone. The President, the Leader of the Free World, has to always consider the better good in his decisions. And this decision not to release Bin Laden’s death photos is good.

What’s So Bad About Obama ? – Revisited

I posted this op-ed piece about President Barack Hussein Obama several months ago. In it, I lamented over the utter lack of respect that is shown this man, the elected President of the United States. From calling him a liar during the State of Union Address to planting seeds of distrust about him and his platform, I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

But it has.

It is beyond disturbing, in fact it is downright pathetic, that so many people who tout themselves as intelligent refuse to believe the president is a natural-born citizen. Let’s have a common sense check: Do you really think ANYONE could hold the highest office in the land without having EXTENSIVE background checks, not just by the government but by news agencies and also the opposing camp? If they were unable to disprove his citizenship, why is this still an ongoing issue?

For those easily influenced by money and power, the words of Donald Trump have weight. Always remember, a man’s actions show his intentions more than his words ever could. Of all the hurdles facing Americans right now – joblessness, the economy, healthcare, education – the issue most important to him was stirring the pot of ignorance surrounding President Obama’s birthright when it had long ago been settled. This is a clear indication to me that a Trump presidency would be more of a 4 -8 year PR stunt then 4 – 8 years of being led by a man who truly cares for the welfare of America and all Americans.

In listening to satellite radio yesterday, many young listeners called in saying it was about time the president provided his birth certificate because, in their words,” you have to to show a birth certificate to even work at McDonald’s!” Now, I have never worked in the fast food industry, but I have worked for major global financial corporations. I have had to provide my social security card. I have had to provide my driver’s license. I even have had to provide a copy of my college degree. But I have NEVER had to provide my birth certificate for any position. I’m not doubting there are positions that require this documentation, but I do think they are far less commonplace than those callers would like to believe.

America, wake up. You can dislike the president for his platform. You can dislike him for his delivery. You can even dislike him for his race. That’s your prerogative and your privilege as an American. Just don’t be proud of being ignorant of cold, hard facts. If you feel the president has an “agenda”, then also know those who oppose him have agendas as well. And if their agendas seem to be solely focused on discrediting the president, question the motive instead of blindly following. Do some research of your own and stop relying on the constant stream of inaccuracies and innuendo being poured on the American public.

God, I pray, please bless America.

(Texas) Politics As Usual

President Barack Obama will attend a Democratic Party fundraiser in Houston, Texas next month. However, the state’s top Democrat, former Houston mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Bill White, won’t be attending. Instead, White is choosing to spend the day campaigning in Dallas.

Are you kidding me? For those not familiar with Texas geography, there are approximately 300 miles separating the two cities. By air, it takes about 40 minutes to travel from Dallas to Houston and vice versa. Commuter planes depart every hour between the two destinations. Certainly, White could hop one of those planes, make an appearance with Obama at the fundraiser then return to Dallas and continue stumping.

Rick Perry, the current Republican governor of Texas, hit the nail on the head when he suggested the real reason White is choosing to snub the fundraiser – President Obama’s waning popularity nationwide and his practically non-existent popularity in Texas.

“This guy is trying to shut the state down with EPA regulations, cap and trade,” said Texas Governor Rick Perry. “Obamacare, I’ve got to think, is not the most popular piece of legislation to come out of DC. I understand why Bill White doesn’t want to be around him.”

To be clear, I don’t support Rick Perry at all. I’ve always viewed him as nothing more than a talking bobble-head. But, in this instance, I appreciate the fact that he did not ignore the elephant in the room (no pun intended). This move by White proves to me that, underneath it all, he is no different than Perry and the majority of politicians out there. Jump on what’s hot, shy away from those who are not, and win, win, win by any means necessary.

Memo to White: If you really want to separate yourself from the wolf pack, be the individual you claim to be. Don’t continue with politics as usual while hiding behind a reformist’s stance.

Perry doesn’t care much for Obama’s policies. In this respect, he voices his opinions and stands by them. Don’t think that I don’t realize Perry would most probably do the same as White if the tables were turned. The difference here is that Perry isn’t running a campaign stating he cares more about the state’s long-term future than the next election.

Houston Democratic State Representative Garnet Coleman countered that White’s decision to stay away should not be an issue. He is quoted as saying, “Somebody is trying to make it disrespectful, but the reality is he needs to run his race to be governor of the state of Texas.”

The only person making this disrespectful is White. Not just to Obama, but also to the voters of Texas for pretending to be something he obviously is not – a leader championing real change.

What’s So Bad About Obama?

Why do some people have an issue with President Barack Obama? I’m not referring to his handling of national or international crises. As a Gulf Coast resident, I have not been pleased with his response to the BP oil spill. I’m also not referring to any of the issues he’s championed. Hey, if you really feel healthcare is a privilege and not a right and don’t want the government involved, more power to you. Take a stand for what you believe in.
I’m referring to the segment of society that disrespects the man as president. You have the Birthers and their assertion that the President Obama is not a United States citizen. When did Hawaii secede from the America? There is the minister in Arizona who says he prays and instructs his congregation to pray for the president’s death. Unfortunately, he is not the only minister practicing this abomination. There are the right-wing commentators who pounce on every single word he says and spins the information to suit their own agendas. There was the extremely disrespectful representative from South Carolina who yelled, “You lie!” during the State of Union address last year. Now, there is an Iowa congressman making news because he feels the president favors blacks or whites. Really? The Republican stated he is offended by the “posture” of the president and Eric Holder, the attorney general who is also black. In an attempt to legitimize his claim during an interview on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio talk show, he cited erroneously that in a 2009 speech Holder asserted whites are more cowardly than blacks when discussing race. In actuality, Holder stated as a NATION “in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.” The operative word is WE; Holder is not taking himself out of the equation. The representative also states the president took the side of the black Harvard professor when he was arrested by a white police officer for breaking into his own house. The way I remember it, the president facilitated a meeting at the White House so both men could have a civil discussion about the incident. Both men, not one.
No one wants to pull the race card because the race card is tired, overused and, in some instances, abused. However, one has to wonder if his race is not the true reason why certain segments of society denounce every speech, proposal and goodwill gesture the president makes. You don’t like him? OK, don’t like him. I certainly haven’t liked every president our country has had during my lifetime. But, respect the position. For Christians praying for Obama’s death, please reacquaint yourselves with 1Timothy 2:1-4. For those who want to recite quotes from the president and/or his appointees, make sure you quote in full context and not spread inaccuracies and outright lies. Let’s start being Americans and let go of all the Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Birther, left-wing, right-wing, conservative, liberal labels. Stop twisting personal agendas into national platforms. You may temporarily exalt yourself, but you will also undoubtedly aid in the unraveling of our country’s moral fiber.

President Obama on Larry King

President Obama was on Larry King live tonight. The Twitterverse has its opinions. What are yours?