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iPhone 4 Review with Video

I purchased the iPhone 4 (16 GB) as a gift to myself about a month ago. So far, I am very impressed. I would love to be able to fill this review with useful, technical information. Unfortunately, I am not that knowledgeable. What I can say is:

1. The call quality – so far – is excellent. I have not experienced any dropped calls. I can hear my callers clearly and my callers hear me clearly. That, to me, is the most important feature of any phone.

2. Accessing the web is 100% better with the iPhone than with my previous “dumb phone”. The Retina display is so much more pleasing to the eye. Navigation is simple, thanks to the touch screen.

3. Videos are recorded in high definition which allows for a sharp quality. Here is a quick video I shot while walking back to my office today after lunch. Disclaimer – I am hardly Steven Spielberg. Who am I kidding, my videographer skills are worse than most ten year olds This clip is not meant to win awards – and it won’t.

Along the same vein, the iPhone 4 is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera. Pictures are beautiful with amazing detail.

4. The iPhone 4 includes the iPod app, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while on the go.

There are tons of other features, like Face Time (which I am hoping to test out soon) and the ability to multitask, but the four listed above are the focus of this review. Bottom line, do you need an iPhone? Of course not. There are comparable phones with an easier to swallow price tag. The iPhone is a gadget one buys because one wants it. If you are deciding whether or not to splurge, go ahead and splurge. You won’t regret it.

Love the Latest Generation Kindle

OK, I broke down, yet again, and bought the latest generation Kindle even though I already had the second generation and felt so-so about it. Read: eReaders Are Great But…

So, why the quick about face? Chalk it up to me being sort of a techno-geek. A techno-geek without a lot of resources, i.e. money. But I felt like splurging a bit and let me tell you, I am not disappointed.

First, the e-Ink resolution on the latest generation Kindle is much better than its predecessor’s. It is darker, smoother and closer to matching the ink found in traditional books. Second, the device is smaller which increases its portability, a major plus for me. I just didn’t feel comfortable taking the second generation Kindle on the road. Seems like it drew too much (unwanted) attention. I coupled my purchase with the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover giving it the appearance of a day planner and the feel of a traditional book. That sealed the deal for me. I truly feel as if I am reading a novel and not peering into an electronic device.

Since it is an electronic device, I should note the navigation is more intuitive. Page turning is faster and the keyboard and navigational buttons are smaller giving the device a less “busy” look. There is the Wi-Fi version – the one I chose – or WiFi + FREE 3G if you are serious reader and want the ability to download whenever and wherever you are.

I highly recommend the latest generation Kindle to all book lovers. And, yes, I will still buy traditional books every now and then for old time’s sake but I plan to download more titles as well. If you’re on the fence about purchasing it for yourself or as a gift, quit straddling. If you’re looking for an eReader, that is a device to read and download book titles, then the latest generation Kindle is money well spent.

eReaders Are Great But…

I finally broke down and bought a wireless reading device. I won’t divulge the brand to keep this article from turning into a review or advertisement. I’ll just say it is one the most popular eReaders on the market. Okay, I bought a Kindle.

I was enticed by the convenience of not having to drive to my local bookstore to buy new releases. Now, all I have to do is point and click and within thirty seconds a bestseller is downloaded to my eReader. If I’m feeling too lazy to turn on my computer, I can download titles directly from the eReader as it has an Internet connection. Again, just a scroll and click then poof – the title is downloaded and listed on my Home page. I love the ability to purchase books, magazines and newspapers anytime I want. I love having my library in one place and not having to choose which book to take with me to read on lunch breaks and extended trips. The technological advantages alone make the somewhat steep price of the eReader well worth the money, especially if one averages around a book a week like I do. As much as I like the eReader, I do have one problem. I miss the traditional reading experience.

The eReader has a no-glare screen that mimics a book page but, to me, it is not the same. I miss holding a hardcover in my hands and the sound of the pages turning. I miss reading jacket blurbs and seeing the author’s picture. I even miss the smell from the pages of a recently purchased book. While I don’t regret buying my eReader, I can’t help but to hope that the device’s rise in popularity doesn’t render traditional books obsolete. For my part, I still plan to buy a hardcover every now and then just for nostalgic reasons. Perhaps I’m being too sentimental?