Dear Paula Deen,

Today, you announced you have Type 2 diabetes. You were asked why you waited so long to disclose your condition, especially since you love to prepare fried, rich and buttery foods on your popular cooking program. You graciously answered those questions, even though it is no one’s business. One’s medical history is a private, personal matter and shouldn’t be public fodder. Your medical condition will not affect any aspect of my life as I am sure it will not affect anyone else’s life outside of your family.

I’ve watched you on Food Network for many years and don’t recall you ever forcing anyone to try your recipes or suggesting people eat rich or fried foods on a daily basis. You expressed your love of these foods and I’m sure you still have cravings for them. You know the lifestyle changes you had to make and I’m sure you are still following your doctor’s orders.

I, for one, will continue to watch your cooking shows, read your magazine and try the occasional recipe. Your personal life is just that – YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. I appreciate your public persona and implore you to not change a thing. To me, the people criticizing you are akin to those who blame and even sue fast food chains for causing their children and them to be overweight. Like failing to exercise and eat balanced meals weren’t contributing factors. There is way too much information on the importance of diet for anyone to feign ignorance. No one forced them to eat fast food everyday rather than prepare a healthy meal at home, just like you can’t force people to load their plates with butter. Those are personal decisions.

Keep your head up, lady. I’ll be tuning in to Paula’s Home Cooking this weekend.

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