Disrespect To The Highest Levels

Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden were booed at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Finale in Miami. They were there presented as grand marshals and were there to show support for military families.

Much speculation has gone into why they were booed, and there have been many valid points given. Deep down, however, everyone knows the real reason why they, no scratch that, Mrs. Obama, was booed. Thankfully, Rush Limbaugh has finally led that humongous elephant out of the room.

Those darn Obamas are a group of uppity blacks. Hey, black people are OK to dance and sing and play sports, but they have no business in politics. That’s just crossing the line. And that fact that we, the American people, have to refer to them as “Mr. President” and “First Lady” is just disgraceful. The reality of a black family living in the personal quarters of the White House is unconscionable. Who do they think they are?

If my tone seems sarcastic, it’s because it is. How much disrespect does one family have to endure? It was a shameful showing for NASCAR and the country for the crowd in Miami to boo the First Lady and Dr. Biden. I have one question, though. If both women were booed, why is the focus on Michelle Obama? Because everyone knows she was the true target of the crowd’s disdain, as much for her husband’s controversial politics as for the color of her skin. Yes, I went there. Limbaugh noted Mrs. Obama’s fiscally irresponsible spending in his polarizing support of the crowd. I can remember former First Lady Nancy Reagan – wife of President Ronald Reagan who the current crop of Republican contenders cite as the greatest president – was also criticized for her spending and redecorating while her husband was in office. His administration championed budget cuts while his wife spent millions received through “donations”. She was known to favor glamorous gowns and expensive china and did not appear to have any regrets even though the country was in a recession during that time as well. Despite all of this, I don’t think one person in that NASCAR crowd would have booed her had she been presented as grand marshal. You want to know why? They know it would have been disrespectful to her as a former First Lady and as a person, just as it was disrespectful to Mrs. Obama.

Oh, Rush. You’re very critical given your own past indiscretions with painkillers. One would think your criminal investigation and subsequent redemption would give you a little more compassion and understanding. But then, compassion and understanding don’t pull in the big ratings, do they?

I won’t even delve too deeply into Newt Gingrich’s plan to have children in disadvantaged neighborhoods work as janitors in their schools to reinstitute the value of work. The value of work and a hard-earned dollar should be instituted across the board so that things like this don’t happen to the privileged.

America has become a divisive, greedy, rude and disrespectful nation where not even the office of the presidency is shown respect. This is a very sad commentary of our times.

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