September 11, 2001

I was home. I had the day off from work to assist my mother who was convalescing from foot surgery. I was puttering around her house when I noticed the usually chipper banter between Matt Lauer and Katie Couric on the Today morning show had turned very serious. I looked at the television screen to see thick, black smoke billowing from one of the Twin Towers. I, like many others around the country and perhaps around the world, sat frozen as the horrible sequence of events played out on live television.

Although the scenes of that day are forever emblazoned in my memory, I had begun to forget how I felt that day. The confusion, fear, anger that dissolved into incredible sadness and then hope. I had forgotten how, for one moment, our country was united in its shock, grief and then resolve. I had forgotten how I felt as I watched for the first time a plane fly the day commercial services re-instituted services. I was reminded of those feelings, however, as I watched this morning’s 9/11 memorial services. I found my heart still heavy for those who experienced such an incredible loss. It was evident the weight of their losses will forever burden their hearts. Having a heart is our common denominator. Our hearts betray our words and guide our actions. Our hearts are where our truths lie.

That is why it is unconscionable to me that hearts so identifiable with love can also harbor extreme hate. A hate so permeating that it decides the last day one will see their loved ones; decides the day of their last, “I love you”, their last hug, and their last kiss.

May God continue to bless the souls of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2011. May He also bless their families and friends. I pray that we allow Him to guide us in our actions to prevent this type of loss from ever happening again, not just on American soil but throughout the world. This wasn’t just a crime against America. This was a crime against humanity.

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