Happy Father’s Day, Dad

You were my first “crush”. The first man I was glad, heck ecstatic, to see at the beginning, middle and end of the day. You were the first man whose arms I ran into. The first man whose hugs gave me a sense of security.

By your example, I learned that hard work doesn’t kill you. I learned not to be selfish and how to treat others fairly. From your instruction, I learned to value myself – my mind and my body. You taught me that a man’s words are a dime a dozen; his actions speak volumes. I now know that a passionately whispered, “I love you,” means nothing if I am not being treated with respect. Because of you I have had the strength to let several frogs hop away while I wait for my prince.

You were also the first man to show that although people disappoint, it doesn’t make them bad. You taught me that no one is perfect and to accept people as they are. Because of you I focus less on what appears to be and more on what actually is.

The relationship between a father and daughter is dynamic. It is also filled with many emotional levels – happiness, sadness, anger, joy, frustration but always – always – love. It hasn’t been easy (few things worth having are) but I am glad neither one of us gave up on the other. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Today and everyday.

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