Are We Loving Our Children To Death?

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end leads to death.” Proverbs 14:12

Our society has come a long way. Technological and social advances have opened remote worlds to the masses and have helped foster understanding and tolerance. It is through the power of these advances that I am able to share this message with you today.

However, as we advance, it seems our willingness to accept has turned us away from common sense. In these “enlightened” times, we have deemed the practices and norms that fostered a generation old-fashioned, cruel and, in some instances, illegal.

There was a time when one could tell a misbehaving child that his parents were going to be informed of his mischief and that child would instantly begin to behave. That was during the time when parents had more control over their children and administered discipline when necessary. No child wanted to be on the receiving end of a spanking. Now, children misbehave in front of their parents with no fear of repercussion. Parents are either too weary from daily stresses, too afraid of the opinions of others or so focused on making their children happy that they are afraid of properly disciplining them.

By discipline, I am not referring to violence. No one – child, woman or man – should have to contend with being beaten. A hand to the bottom is not the same as a fist to the eye. Anger should never be a factor in disciplining a child; love should always be the basis. You don’t love a child by turning a blind eye to his or her antics. You love a child when rules and expectations are set and by making sure he or she understands there are consequences to their actions – both good and bad.

I know this is not a popular sentiment and I certainly don’t mean to offend. However, there is an influx of wayward children who have absolutely no respect or consideration for others. And, if you ever have the opportunity to hold a conversation with them, you will find that these children have no idea that they are disrespectful and inconsiderate. They feel they are normal because everyone they know acts the same way.

We have to start doing better by these kids. It always starts at home. Loving your kids is natural. Raising them is tough. Most parents do the best they can and this is not admonishment to them. It is just a plea to not love them to death.

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