My Google AdWords Experience

I have been enrolled in Google AdWords for the past month after finally using the free credits I was awarded when I began my website a year ago. I wasn’t expecting a dramatic upswing in my site’s page views (my subject matter – Christian views and reflections – isn’t what the masses are into. This site is truly a labor of love), but I have seen definite a spike. Oh, Yes She Did! has gone from absolute obscurity to relative obscurity.

OK, I kid (a little). Google AdWords has been beneficial to my site. Again, my website’s focus is not very popular among the “clickerati”, but there has been a noticeable increase in page views and comments since my enrollment. I can definitely recommend AdWords to businesses looking to increase revenue. People really do click on those ads on the sides of articles and on search results pages. Although I am not a businesswoman but just another opinionated and impassioned blogger, I may continue with the program even after my credits expire. Click here if you are interested in learning more.

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