This Man Called Christ

Until now, you have been indifferent.

This Man, the one they call Christ, has been performing miracles throughout the land. Your neighbors tried to coax you into traveling to see Him, but you always resisted. Certainly, He is a madman, proclaiming Himself the Son of God when He hails from Nazareth. No, you would tell them, go ahead and chase after lunatics. I have better things to do.

As His fame grew, however, your stance began to soften. After meeting with Him, men lame their entire lives were walking. He restored a blind man’s sight in Bethsaida. There was even talk that he had raised this one man, Lazarus, from the dead. But right as you were deciding to see Him for yourself, the religious leaders warned, “Do not be fooled. This is the work of the devil, not God.” The leaders are men you have known your entire life and respect; you have never had a reason to doubt their word or their authority. So, again you resist.

During the night, however, there is a great commotion. You hear the cries from the crowd, “Crucify Him!” You shake your head in dismay. It is Passover, you think. We should be focused on our deliverance!

When your neighbors beckon this time, you follow but stand at the back of the gathering. The crowd has been whipped into a fever pitch. You see a procession from a distance. An acquaintance, Simon, is carrying a cross for a badly beaten Man as He is being mocked and struck. Ah, the murderer Barabbas is finally meeting with his fate, you think. Why would Simon assist him? When the procession stops at Golgotha, you see a crown of thorns have been fastened and placed upon His head. You find this odd.

You avert your eyes when He is crucified with two others. This barbarism sickens you. When you open your eyes, you see the Man has been placed between two others. But it is not Barabbas. You are shocked when to learn he has been released.

“Who is He, then?” you ask and someone points to a notice fastened to His cross, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

“That’s Him?” you ask aloud to no one particular. Near the cross, women are gathered, weeping. You want to leave, but can’t. Your feet are cemented. You are at once repelled and fascinated. You hear others say what you are now thinking, “Why doesn’t He save himself? He saved others!” You wait, but no miracles today. The leaders were right.

Without warning, the sun stops shining. Fear and uncertainty grip you as the darkness takes hold for the next three hours. The Man, the One called Christ, cries out and dies. At that moment, the curtain of the temple is torn from top to bottom and the earth shakes. You fall to your knees as others beat their chests in mourning. Surely, He was the Son of God!

You will your body into motion and walk home. There, you sit at your table and try to rationalize what you just witnessed, but you can’t. You only know your life will no longer be the same.

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