As Seen on TV – The Eurosealer!

While walking through Bed Bath and Beyond today, I came across the Eurosealer. It’s a hand-held device for sealing the bags your snacks came in thus keeping them nice and fresh and crispy. This gadget has been around for a while; if I am to be totally honest, I considered it a waste of money when I first saw the infomercial several years ago. But time brings about a change and at $8.99, I figured, “What the heck?”

First, the bad. After opening the packaging, I was surprised to see no instructions. Just the device ensconced in a plastic bubble. After giving the Eurosealer the once over, I opened the battery cover and Voila! found the instructions packed inside the battery compartment. That’s a little strange since the Description of Parts is the first illustration on the instructions and the first step is the installation of the batteries. How the world are you supposed to know where the battery cover is? You’ll have to do like I did and explore. I’ll save you a few minutes: it’s beneath the Press Bar.

Now, the product itself. I practiced on a a multi-pack gum wrapper to get a feel of the machine. I am happy to report that it worked like a charm. The top of the Eurosealer or Press Bar is pushed down until the Heat Pad engages. The instructions suggest this timeframe is three seconds, I think it is about half that time. I do suggest using a practice bag first as it is very easy to burn a hole in the bag you are attempting to seal. Once I felt like I knew what I was doing, I moved to sealing a bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Again, not a problem. I also like the fact that the Eurosealer has a magnetic back and can be placed on the fridge instead of tucked inside a drawer. Pretty handy.

A major complaint about the Eurosealer is that it is not as good as the more expensive countertop models. That’s true; it’s not. That should be self-evident-it’s a $9 gadget! If you’re needing serious sealing, then I strongly suggest passing the Eurosealer by and purchasing a countertop counterpart. If, like me, you just want to seal your snack bags to keep the contents fresh, then you can’t go wrong. If I had a star grading system, the Eurosealer would get 4 out 5.

Love the Latest Generation Kindle

OK, I broke down, yet again, and bought the latest generation Kindle even though I already had the second generation and felt so-so about it. Read: eReaders Are Great But…

So, why the quick about face? Chalk it up to me being sort of a techno-geek. A techno-geek without a lot of resources, i.e. money. But I felt like splurging a bit and let me tell you, I am not disappointed.

First, the e-Ink resolution on the latest generation Kindle is much better than its predecessor’s. It is darker, smoother and closer to matching the ink found in traditional books. Second, the device is smaller which increases its portability, a major plus for me. I just didn’t feel comfortable taking the second generation Kindle on the road. Seems like it drew too much (unwanted) attention. I coupled my purchase with the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover giving it the appearance of a day planner and the feel of a traditional book. That sealed the deal for me. I truly feel as if I am reading a novel and not peering into an electronic device.

Since it is an electronic device, I should note the navigation is more intuitive. Page turning is faster and the keyboard and navigational buttons are smaller giving the device a less “busy” look. There is the Wi-Fi version – the one I chose – or WiFi + FREE 3G if you are serious reader and want the ability to download whenever and wherever you are.

I highly recommend the latest generation Kindle to all book lovers. And, yes, I will still buy traditional books every now and then for old time’s sake but I plan to download more titles as well. If you’re on the fence about purchasing it for yourself or as a gift, quit straddling. If you’re looking for an eReader, that is a device to read and download book titles, then the latest generation Kindle is money well spent.