As Seen On TV – Buyer Beware Edition

Works as advertised but too expensive.

I was recently involved in a car accident.  Nothing major but not a minor fender bender either.  In addition to being without my car for a month, I was left with persistent lower back pain that made it difficult to stay asleep.  While lying awake during the wee hours of one morning, I came across an infomercial for BackJoy – The Back Orthotic and bought it after watching thirty minutes of testimonials.  My main reason for purchasing the BackJoy was because sitting in my chair at work was becoming unbearable.  The BackJoy promises to ease lower back pain and improve posture.  I am happy to advise it worked as advertised.

So why am I including it on a blog with the title Buyer Beware?  Two reasons. One:  the price.  Although the product works as advertised, I feel it is overpriced for the quality of materials – $39.95 plus s11.95 shipping and handling.  Kind of steep for what appears to be a simple piece of molded plastic with a soft covering.  Two: to receive the full effectiveness of the BackJoy,  you have to condition yourself to sit in it properly.  Packing materials include a link to a YouTube clip showing the correct way to sit (with it under you) and position (“skootch” to the back of the chair).  Although the instructions are not difficult, it is cumbersome to remember this every time you sit down.  There are cheaper alternatives that provide the same level of comfort.

The second item I am reviewing is the Mister Steamy dryer ball and it will be short and sweet.  Buy this product only if you dry your clothes on high heat and don’t expect all wrinkles to be released. Unfortunately, I dry my clothes on low heat (I’m not trying to shrink my shirts and pants) and I did expect all wrinkles released and not just less noticeable.  For me, buying this product was a waste of money, time and energy.  After a couple of uses, I have resigned myself to promptly removing my clothes from the dryer and sweating over an ironing board.


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