What’s So Bad About Obama?

Why do some people have an issue with President Barack Obama? I’m not referring to his handling of national or international crises. As a Gulf Coast resident, I have not been pleased with his response to the BP oil spill. I’m also not referring to any of the issues he’s championed. Hey, if you really feel healthcare is a privilege and not a right and don’t want the government involved, more power to you. Take a stand for what you believe in.
I’m referring to the segment of society that disrespects the man as president. You have the Birthers and their assertion that the President Obama is not a United States citizen. When did Hawaii secede from the America? There is the minister in Arizona who says he prays and instructs his congregation to pray for the president’s death. Unfortunately, he is not the only minister practicing this abomination. There are the right-wing commentators who pounce on every single word he says and spins the information to suit their own agendas. There was the extremely disrespectful representative from South Carolina who yelled, “You lie!” during the State of Union address last year. Now, there is an Iowa congressman making news because he feels the president favors blacks or whites. Really? The Republican stated he is offended by the “posture” of the president and Eric Holder, the attorney general who is also black. In an attempt to legitimize his claim during an interview on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio talk show, he cited erroneously that in a 2009 speech Holder asserted whites are more cowardly than blacks when discussing race. In actuality, Holder stated as a NATION “in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.” The operative word is WE; Holder is not taking himself out of the equation. The representative also states the president took the side of the black Harvard professor when he was arrested by a white police officer for breaking into his own house. The way I remember it, the president facilitated a meeting at the White House so both men could have a civil discussion about the incident. Both men, not one.
No one wants to pull the race card because the race card is tired, overused and, in some instances, abused. However, one has to wonder if his race is not the true reason why certain segments of society denounce every speech, proposal and goodwill gesture the president makes. You don’t like him? OK, don’t like him. I certainly haven’t liked every president our country has had during my lifetime. But, respect the position. For Christians praying for Obama’s death, please reacquaint yourselves with 1Timothy 2:1-4. For those who want to recite quotes from the president and/or his appointees, make sure you quote in full context and not spread inaccuracies and outright lies. Let’s start being Americans and let go of all the Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Birther, left-wing, right-wing, conservative, liberal labels. Stop twisting personal agendas into national platforms. You may temporarily exalt yourself, but you will also undoubtedly aid in the unraveling of our country’s moral fiber.

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