American Idol Finale

Tonight is the end of American Idol.  No, I’m not referring to the season finale.  I’m speaking of the end of Idol as we know it. The show lost a lot of its appeal when Paula Abdul left.  I can only imagine how far it will sink with Simon Cowell no longer there to be the voice of reason. He could be cruel sometimes, but he did have the chutzpah to refrain from sugar-coating his criticisms and telling awful singers the cold, hard truth.

Gonna miss ya, Dude

Now, on to my critique of the season finale: A solid C. The tributes to Simon were OK.    Paula Abdul was as  delightfully goofy as ever while the group sing-a-longs were just as cheesy as ever. The Idol contestants paired with artists were hit or miss (Bowersox & Morrisette  and Lynche & McDonald were hits, but DeWyze & Chicago was a miss).  The performances were OK – would have been nice if Janet Jackson had actually danced instead of moving across the stage.  I wanted to like Christina Aguilera’s performance, but I didn’t.  It just seemed off. And, surprise, Lee DeWyze won.  I don’t think Crystal Bowersox has anything to worry about, though.  I’m sure some big-time record producer has been communicating with her. Losing Idol may be the best thing that happened to her.

Well, that’s it.  American Idol is in for some big changes.  Unfortunately,  I don’t think it will be a change for the better.

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